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At Relyon we gain our clients’ trust by providing comprehensive and flexible service. We always want to identify their needs to be able to develop tailor-made and effective solutions. We are one of the leading providers of comprehensive hiring solutions, IT services, staff outsourcing, RPO as well as HR consulting services in Poland and abroad.


We carry out a wide range of hiring processes, acquiring both contract and permanent staff within our specialty areas. We help recruit experienced mid- to high-level managers as well as top specialists. The candidates we recommend are always a great fit for our clients and are highly motivated to advance their careers.

Among our recruitment services we offer valuable complementary and auxiliary solutions that support our clients’ organisations, such as:

Career management
Assessment centre / development centre
Salary Reviews
Talent Mapping
Career Management – it is about managing the structures for career planning in organisations. This service leads to significantly lower employee attrition rates and helps better use the potential of every expert and manager across the company.
Outsourcing – involves taking on the administrative handling of personnel. This enables more flexible management of human resources and effective employee cost management. Moreover, outsourcing is a way to implement alternative solutions in the area of employee financing.
RPO – is a broad and multidimensional service that allows the client to shift some of their hiring process onto our experts. As part of our RPO service suite we comprehensively manage the process of acquiring best employees across markets. We build our clients’ reputation as employers. RPO is a long-term service. Our consultants become part of the client organisation, which enables them to standardise and improve its recruitment and hiring processes. Thanks to this service our clients can lower their costs and simultaneously improve the quality of their personnel administration.
Assessment Centre / Development Centre – a system for employee assessment based on an intricate algorithm that takes into account performance evaluation results, and uses professional soft competencies tests.
Salary Reviews – salary reports developed by out experts based on data that is constantly being collected from hundreds of candidates that Relyon works with. These reports are drafted on a monthly basis.
Talent Mapping – for our clients we provide a review of available human resources in narrow areas of specialty. We look at availability, expected salary levels, appetite for change and level of competency. We draft reports either for a specific recruitment process or as an overall assessment of the market.
Executive search – is a service that involves acquiring candidates from the market that best fit the job our Client is looking to fill, with an option use additional recruitment and selection tools by highly specialised consultants who maintain full confidentiality of the entire recruitment process.
This method is aimed at potential candidates who are already employed and hold positions similar to the one the Client is offering.

This service is highly effective as a direct method, which is the best way to get access to top candidates.

Specialised Relyon consultants take part in the entire selection process for the executive ranks - from defining Client’s needs to signing of the letter of intent or employment contract, also including onboarding procedure and employee/employer satisfaction audit. Our knowledge and extensive experience make us a trustworthy partner who - together with Clients - builds synergies leading to business success.
Direct search – is a method that enables access to top managers, experts and specialists performing key roles in organisations and enjoying successful careers.

Direct search involves thorough market analysis, taking into account the candidate profile defined by the Client, followed by reaching out to potential candidates with the offer, while including and encouraging candidates who are not active in the labour market. Using this method, Relyon consultants are tapping their expertise, profound knowledge of the market within their respective areas of specialty, extensive social networks and constantly honed diagnostic tools.
Contingency search – is a recruitment service that is often referred to as a “success fee” engagement model. The Client pays for the recruitment process only when they successfully hire the recommended candidate. Using this model, in order to reach highly attractive and adequate candidates, we use tools such as:
  • networking
  • database analysis
  • direct search
  • monitoring of industry press/publications
  • ads/announcements

Choosing the contingency search service, one must remember that recommended candidates are not “exclusive” and may also be taking part in other recruitment projects.

IT Services

IT Services is a temporary service that allows companies implement specific IT projects. Whenever our clients need it, we build teams of qualified specialists ready to take on the most complex and sophisticated IT initiatives using a selected technology approach. As part of our suite of IT Services we help clients execute projects successfully and on time without changing their organisational structures or hiring new permanent staff. The specialised teams provided by Relyon mean that our clients get access to top experts. Relyon’s IT Services constitute a business solution that helps optimise project cost and implementation time, thus allowing for a speedy and effective introduction of new solutions.

As part of our IT Services we offer solutions such as:

Time & Material – is a model employed in complex projects where duration and resources are hard to estimate. Such initiatives include application development and maintenance efforts or long-term IT projects, where it is difficult to define the entire scope and schedule at the outset. The service is billed according to the number of hours or days actually spent by the consultant on the project. This way the Client only pays for the actual time the hired contractor devoted to the project. At the same time the Client is not required to specify the details of the scope or schedule. Thanks to this our Clients gain huge flexibility, ways to implement changes in projects and at the same time to stay on top of the budget.

Body Leasing – At Relyon IT Services we provide a flexible approach called body-leasing, allowing our Clients to temporarily extend their IT teams without the need to increase the number of full time positions. This solution enables obtaining selected IT personnel for a period of time, while keeping costs of IT projects streamlined, leading to a faster and more agile achievement of business objectives.

Team Leasing – is outsourcing of competences that - unlike Body Leasing - involves entire teams. This service is recommended when the Client is looking for efficient execution of certain tasks within their organisation.

As part of the Team Leasing service Relyon IT Services builds both onsite and offshore teams.

Onsite teams are suitable for those Clients who already have working project teams in place. Relyon IT Services quickly finds missing competences and fill the gaps. A group of specialists joins the Client’s team at their location and from that point on they report to an in-house manager of PM. The team’s work is billed according to the Time & Material model.

Offshore teams step in when the project is implemented at the offices of Relyon IT Services or in a third, dedicated location. In such cases we work and communicate with the Client remotely. The Client can always monitor progress and performance. The team’s work is billed in the Time & Material engagement model.

Managed Services – is another, more advanced form of Body Leasing and Team Leasing. In the scope of this service we not only provide the best available competences, meaning highly specialised employees to carry out specific tasks, like we do in case of Team Leasing. With Managed Services we also take responsibility for team management, including execution of all the processes that we were brought in to support. In a Managed Services contract we define a number of parameters and metrics:

- SLA (Service Level Agreement), including response time, cycle time, reply time to inquiries;

- KPI (Key Performance Indicators), including acceptable deviation from the SLA parameters.

Relyon is a very reliable employer, and I recommend them to anyone interested in IT work. Job offers in their portfolio are from all over the country, international clients and interesting projects. They pay on time, their service is nice and competent, you can get help anytime, and they offer an extensive cafeteria plan of insurance benefits. I really recommend them 🙂
Marcin - Inżynier Systemowy

My work with Relyon is a great success, a good, constructive experience and plenty of win-win situations. I value this company for their professional approach, both towards their clients and people they hire for projects. They care about client and contractor satisfaction. They know how important timely payments are. They also have outstanding service - nice and efficient, anytime you need them. As a contractor I am very happy with them.

Time & Material Services

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