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Our company grows dynamically. Because of new Clients and new challenges we are extending Relyon offices in Poland. And this is why we are looking for experienced consultants who are comfortable working in independent roles. We offer jobs to candidates from a variety of industries and specialties.

What do you gain with Relyon?

  • We bet on independent, creative and proactive people. We offer a clear growth path as well as attractive specialist and managerial training system.
  • We offer you a very sound system with base salary and commission, way beyond industry average.
  • Just like we do with our Clients, we will support you in your long-term career planning.
  • Working with us, you will be able to gain experience and social skills. You will also have a chance to meet with Clients from all over the world.
  • YOU choose which career path is best for you and which one you will follow with Relyon.
  • ​At Relyon you can count on an extensive social benefits system, including: medical care for you and your family, access to sports centers, an attractive package of monetary and non-monetary benefits adequate to your role and function in the organisation.

Career path at Relyon

YOU choose which career path suits you best and in which direction to develop with Relyon.

Relyon offers two career paths. Our managers will help you make the choice. Together you will plan for your future professional development. In every area of specialty you will find your Mentor who will support you in your chosen path.

If you want to develop as a manager and are thinking of managing people in the future, choose the management career path.

If you prefer to work independently and want to broaden your knowledge within one selected area of specialty, to become an expert in your industry – choose the expert path.

Whichever path you chose, each will prove to be immensely rewarding and exciting. At Relyon we value engagement and effectiveness at every level of your development and at every step of your career.

Trust us!

I chose Relyon because I feel comfortable in dynamic settings where there are opportunities and clearly defined growth paths. As a long-time financier with experience in multinational organisations I value professional and business-like approach to things, and this is the approach I found at Relyon. Collaboration and teamwork are very important for me too. At Relyon there are people I can count on and fell good around them, both in the business and social context. I appreciate the values that the company embraces and lives.
Ania - Manager Finance & Accounting

I chose Relyon primarily because of the opportunities it gives its employees. It was here that the management saw the potential in me. Thanks to this in my current job I am able to execute recruitment projects much faster compared to other companies.
Bartosz - Associate Consultant Manufacturing & Operations

Relyon is an organisation that gives me a clear development path. I know my goals and I know where I am heading. I get a lot of freedom in my work and feel an important part of this organisation.
Joanna - Contracting Division Manager

Working at Relyon surely is something for people with ambitions. On the one hand, it gives you the chance to constantly develop and make money that in other companies would be out of your reach. On the other hand, it requires that you listen to and trust the people who share with you the company know-how. Its business model gives you a lot of autonomy, while making you feel part of the team. All this, plus the great vibe of this place, makes Relyon a place for me.
Damian – Consultant IT & Telecom

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